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Harkany Spa, wellness
harkány város
harkány gyógyfürdő
Welcome you in one of Hungary's most significant spa resort!
Harkány waits not only for patients, though, but all those who wishing to spend their holidays near a lido.
About Harkány

Harkány, the fashionable place of spa of South-Transdanubia lies 25 km from Pécs.

The neighbourhood has a great historical past and it is abounding in things to see.

The curative effect of a water of Harkány was discovered in 1823 completely accidentally, by a day-labourer, he experienced durind ditching that the water rushing up from the ground had a salutary effect on his joint dieseases.

The first two wells were bored by Vilmos Zsigmond in 1866 and 1867. These gave 62-70 degrees warm water. The first pool was opened in 1925. It is medically proven, that the water lends itself particulary well to the medication of rheumatic illnesses. The thermal bath and open air bath has become a well-established holiday place all around the world. The special madical water with it's high sulphide and trace element content is suitable for treating all types of locomotiv disorders, other gynecological and gastric problems through bathing, mud packing, and drinking therapy.

Medical services in the spa: tangentor, nature medicine, electro therapy, medical and reflex massage, as well as mud cure.

The legend

Once upon a time at the feet of Szársomlyó ( the highest point of the Villany mountains) lived an old witch, who had a beautiful daughter. She attracted the attention of the devil himself and he wanted to marry her. The wich was against the devil, she put him on his mettle, whitch-as she tought- could not be passed.

" You may marry my daughter if you plough and crop with wheat the hole hillside during one night. You may work until the first cock crow can be heard from the village."- said the witch to the devil

The devil set work after sunset. He put six cats to his plough and made way quickly. The mother was wery impatient and watched the devil how he was going on. She was scared seeing the devil almost finishing his task, therefore she had to figure out something quickly, to avoid seeing her beloved daughter int he devil's arms. She ran into the first henhouse and started to crow. The devil was totally shocked , he ran away and where he stopped and went under the ground, the Harkány hot water welled up.

According to the legend, who drinks "enough" from the Villány wine, will be able to see the witch's beautiful daughter.

We wish you a nice holiday, and a pleasent recovery!

Contents of the water of Harkány

Nátrium: 170,0 mg - Ammónium: 2,9 mg - Kálcium: 53,4 mg - Magnézium: 13,8 mg

Kálium: 15,0 mg - Kationok összesen: 255,1 mg - Klorid: 112,0 mg

Bromid: 0,23 mg - Jodid: 0,1 mg - Fluorid: 1,2 mg - Hidrogénkarbonát: 537,0 mg

Szulfid: 13 mg - Foszfor: 9,1 mg - Anionok összesen: 667,73 mg

Metabórsav: 7,0 mg - Metakovasav: 51,0 mg - Szabad kénsav: 131,0 mg

The spa receives it's guests in it's landscaped area of 13 hectares with a water surface 2098 m2 for 2500 guests.

Int he spa there are two spa pools, three open air pools, children pool, swimming pool, giant slide, ont he second floor of the hydrotherapic establishment jacuzzis, bubble baths, saunas.

The town develops dynamically, today has over 1 million guests a year.

The events of the spa and the town offer a quality relaxation to all age groups throuhout a year.

Annual events are: the"Exorsising Day", the "Cultural Meeting of Southern Transdanubian German Minority Groups", the " Put u pof the may tree", the " Dancing out of the may tree", the "Whitsun Festival", the " Long Weekend Festival", the "Vintage Festival".


Gabriella apartement house
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